Going to Italy

Travelling Tips

As a family,  we have travelled with two pre-teen children, teenagers and without children, so I am happy to provide travel tips to everyone attending classes.  My family and I have travelled abroad and very fortunately visited my homeland and other parts of Italy in 2008, 2011, 2017 & 2019.

We all exchange our experiences and learn from one another.  We have all had good and not so good experiences so good to share and use some useful tips for your safety and travelling advice.

Come to Italian classes and learn conversational Italian.

Yes, many Italian cities have menus and hospitality staff that can understand English but experience the “real” Italian experience and visit some of the smaller towns and hamlets and use what you have learnt. Italians will love you when you test your Italian vocabulary with them.

Useful Links

Useful links if you are thinking of travelling are: