"Classes are fun, relaxed and energised"

If you are thinking of learning the Italian language, I whole-heartedly recommend doing classes with Anna Geremia in Lower Hutt. Anna’s classes are fun, relaxed, energised and a great learning environment. Importantly, you are speaking in Italian from class one! If you’re really interested in learning Italian, you’ll never regret going to her classes. I’ve been to a few other Italian classes and know from experience that Anna is a fantastic teacher.

Elisabetta from Kapiti

"Very simple from the outset"

“We particularly like the south of Italy, among the lemon groves on the Amalfi Coast, where those who are working are often doing the same work their families have done for generations, fishing, tending a few goats for cheese, growing lemons, apricots and olives, baking and providing other services for the tourists and each other. There is very little English spoken, even in the post offices and bars.

And so, in 2008 we decided to take an Italian class at WEA run by Anna. We all sat around a large table each Wednesday night with Anna encouraging us to speak Italian very simply from the outset. As we went around the table encouraging each other, we gained confidence, and with Anna’s gentle assistance got to a point where we could share news and activities from the previous week. This helped us enormously with our trip later in the year. Our neighbour and landlady spoke no English at all and we were able to thank her in simple Italian for the wonderful produce she left at our door, and talk about the weather and her garden and family. It was very satisfying to be able to have conversations with other locals who appreciated our efforts, basic as they were. Grazie molto Anna!”

Heather and Tony

"Learning material varied, fun and challenging"

“Anna uses an interesting mix of teaching methods to deliver Italian language classes to children. As a parent of one of her learners, I have found Anna’s learning material varied, fun and challenging. Anna uses a variety of interactive methods to teach technical and conversational Italian. She has a relaxed, empathetic manner and gently encourages students to achieve high standards set.”

Rochelle (parent)

"A great way to learn a new language"

“Have been going to Anna’s classes for 9 years and really love going. Anna makes the class fun, interactive and she’s always positive. A great way to learn a new language.”


"Focus on themes which the traveller will need"

“I joined Anna’s class as I was going to Italy and wanted to be able to make myself understood at least at a basic level. The classes focus on themes which the traveller will need. Anna adapts the lessons to the needs of the class, and encourages questions from us. She has recently visited Italy with her family – this visit may not have been made purely so that she can give her classes up-to-date information about circumstances in Italy!

My trip to la Bella Italia focused on Roma, Firenze, Venezia and Milano – large cities, where there were a number of Italians who spoke English. Equally there were a number who didn’t! I still clearly remember the time in Roma when I got lost after leaping off a bus at quite the wrong place, and couldn’t find the street sign on my map. So the Italian I had learnt in class stood me in good stead. It gave me some basic Italian, and – just as importantly – the confidence to use it.

I have kept on with my Italian classes because if I don’t practice, the knowledge I have gained seems to slip away – and I still have dreams of going back to Italy. But I also actually enjoy the classes: this reflects on the way Anna runs them. She establishes a friendly, supportive atmosphere and adapts the lessons to the mix of people in the class. She also injects a note of fun – for instance, we have Italian names, as a group we usually take in a film at the Italian Film festival, and we have a very civilised closure at the end of the year!”