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Italian Classes

It is important when learning any language, to have fun and enjoy the learning experience. It is important to be able to converse and make yourself understood especially if you are planning to visit Italy. Some students attend to keep their learning alive by continuing to practice Italian they have learned previously over the years.

Italian is a beautiful language and with the tools and resources used in the classes your Italian vocabulary will expand and improve. Groups are not too large, so students receive more individual quality time. There is homework you can undertake to extend and improve your knowledge. The use of games, songs and Italian customs and culture all serve a purpose when learning Italian.

Come along with a friend or family member and learn and have fun together.

Giovanni & Armida con la sua cara bambina Anna Maria

About Anna

I am proud to be Italian from Italian immigrants, who had an amazing love story.

My parents were married in Miramar, Wellington back in the 1950s. They knew each other as friends in their hometown but after the Second World War, my father decided like many other Italian soldiers, returning from war that a new life in a new country was the new future for them. An incredibly brave move, going to the other side of the world not knowing a word of English. 

I am immensely proud of my culture and the way my parents and their close friends all became my adopted aunty and uncles and happy times spent with them and their children. Lifelong friends who had a common thread and looked out for one another. All of whom wanted to return to Italy one day and visit their family.


Matrimonio de Giovanni & Armida
I remember that both sets of my grandparents passed away and the way my parents found out was by receiving a telegram.  Their finances did not warrant them going back to Italy for their parents’ funerals. This was very much the life of immigrants who came to New Zealand for a new life.  My parents loved New Zealand and all that it offered them and their family.

As a family, we have travelled with two pre-teen children, teenagers and without children, so I am happy to provide travel tips to everyone attending classes. My family and I have travelled abroad and very fortunately visited my homeland and other parts of Italy in 2008, 2011, 2017 & 2019.

We all exchange our experiences and learn from one another. You will learn more than the language, you will make new friends and learn about the culture, traditions, food, and lots more.

My Story

I am from Italian parents and was born in New Zealand. I have always been proud of my Italian heritage and love being able to speak Italian as well as my parent’s local Venetian dialect. My parents were emigrants from Montebelluna, province of Treviso. Montebelluna is a beautiful large town in the Veneto region. It is about sixty kilometres from Venice and about twenty minutes by car to Padova.  The region of Prosecco and Benetton.

Over the years I have taught classes of primary-aged Gifted Children, teenage Gifted Children, a children’s (8-11 years) class based here in Lower Hut. I have also been a tutor in the community for three years teaching an Italian for Travellers course twice a year.

My focus is Italian Adult classes which are held on Wednesday evenings. I have thoroughly enjoyed providing these classes for the last 13 years.